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All AM Leather products are made ONLY of genuine and solid (not pressed) leather
manufactured in Germany, Spain, Italy. The shoulder straps color range is varied.
Every guitar shoulder strap is exclusive, in a unique copy for a specific guitar. The manufacturing process takes into account the instrument's design and involves using special technologies and certain density of leather. If handled careful, the strap may serve up to 10 years, at least.
Prices for the straps are as follows:
All AM. Leather straps are 3.35 inches wide (the ideal width to create minimal pressure on the shoulder).
We offer two types of straps:
1.    Strap with back extension (a variation of the Fender strap). Our straps' extensions, unlike the standard ones, are solid and do not stretch.
2.    Strap without back extension. A solid strap FOR A SPECIFIED SIZE. It has one or several button holes or a strap-lock at the back. When making order for this kind of straps, please specify the distance from the front hole center to the back hole center. You may request one more hole for performing in a sitting position, if needed.

Please, send all your questions or corrections related to your order by e-mail.

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