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 Khort-formation SYMURAN
Weighty, safe and custom. These are characteristics I wanted to get first of all when I turned to the Master of AM Leathers, and he did manage to represent all of my wishes in the shortest time possible.
If you are ready to receive as much exclusive thing made of qualitative materials, then this manufacturer will help you with it.

With gratitude, Khort ( SYMURAN, RISENSTAR)

Igor Petunin
Thank you for the great belt! My shoulder never once tired during a two-hour set. )

Konstantin Prokofiev
I hasten to share my pleasant novelty made to measure - A.M.Leathers brand. This belt of ‘Exclusive’ series is made of high-quality natural leather. If you’d like a good guitar belt but don’t know where to acquire the one, then I recommend this brand. You can check out its products at the www.amleathers.com resource.

Dmitriy Skuratovskiy
Thanks to the Master!
Very usable belt!
I hope, this order from the Master was not my last one!
Comfortably, cozily, simply. Great!

Vladimir Shvets
One of the coolest presents in my life!
Exclusive from the Master!
Qualitatively, prettily and cozily. Cordial thanks for the work!

Sergey Krivonosov (G.O.N.G. band, Moscow)
A good belt is an unnoted accessory that you begin to esteem only when casually hitch your instrument up on an usual belt – and now you’re feeling something is missing. It’s not so comfortable for your shoulder. You are getting tired more quickly and experiencing feelings described by many musicians. But I want to say about other things. Imagine, guys, you’ve bought a formal suit for several grands of bucks and went to some fashionable party but you have worn three-cents shoes on your feet! Only after I’ve bought good instrument, I’ve recognized that it needs some decent belt and a secure case, too. And now, some words as to A.M.Leathers. Custom design and high quality are the standards. Without them, it has no sense to come into the market, and they are found in the AML products, indeed. In my opinion, the advantages are flexibility and sociability. Every issue is being solved without problems and the most important is the after-sale service. I’ve acquired one belt tailored specifically to two instruments, but changes in my ‘stable’ have required changes in the belt, too. Thanks for the Master, he did everything, no questions asked. I remember him with appreciation every time I snap the strap-locks.