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I always like to be engaged in a work that requires accuracy in details,  especially with such interesting material as genuine leather. Since I have had some work experience in a company that manufactured leather product, one day, I decided to make a guitar strap for myself. It proved to be not only nice looking but also comfortable and very durable, which is of great importance. My musicians friends have appreciated this and began making orders. Since I have been involved in music industry, I used to see straps with dashed holes and guitars falling down and crashing against floors because of unreliable shoulder straps numerous times.

All this urged me to improve my products, making them both nice looking and uniquely emphasizing the style of a guitar and also durable and comfortable. I am convinced, if you feel comfortable your mood is good, too, and you achieve confidence that drives you.

I am sure, if a guitar player strives to get the best combination of sound quality, design, and reliability out of his instrument, the same attitude should be applied to the shoulder strap, which determines the comfort for performing and the life span of an instrument.